We take pride in our careful and personal approach.


Our process begins with a free building performance assessment to determine:

  • Adequacy of insulation types and levels:  attic, walls, full building envelope
  • Air infiltration and loss (building cavity, doors, windows, other penetrations)
  • Heating & cooling system efficiency
  • Hot water efficiency/delivery
  • Lighting efficiency
  • air duct leakage
  • solar capacity (active and passive)
  • other building-specific issues

If additional diagnostics are called for, we provide blower door and duct blaster tests as well as detailed infrared camera examination on a fee for service basis.


The Worthmore Group is a licensed contractor for the Mass Save program, which provides homeowners with generous subsidies and incentives for many energy efficiency strategies.  We'll guide you through the Mass Save process  and make preparations for a Mass Save audit that will maximize the benefits and subsidies you may be eligible for.  


Not all remedies work well in all circumstances.  Rarely is it possible to put all strategies in place all at once.  After determining what possible energy efficiency strategies make sense, we prioritize them in terms of cost, efficacy, and rates of return (for both comfort and cash), so that our clients can make educated decisions about what to do and in what order.


As it has grown, The Worthmore Group has been able to offer an increasing number of energy saving strategies and clean energy options.  The number will continue to grow as technology advances.  Change is happening rapidly now in many different and exciting ways, and we're eager and ready for it.  These are remarkable times in the world of clean energy.  Click on the "learn more" sub-menu items above to learn more about each of the services Worthmore currently offers that might help you get as close to "net zero" as you can get.  It's important to remember:  every little bit helps.