The next most important energy saving strategy is to make sure a building is properly and adequately insulated. Poor insulation is the second leading cause for energy loss, and is in some cases the easiest and most cost-effective to remedy.

Based on the needs of a given project, we begin with the non-conditioned space below the roof and work our way down the walls and into the basement, creating a complete thermal barrier throughout the entire building envelope.  As we go, we air seal (with spray foam and caulk) any seams, cracks, holes or penetrations of any kind that allow air infiltrations or exfiltrations between conditioned and unconditioned spaces.

We use only the finest insulation materials in all their many varieties, whichever is most appropriate for the circumstance, from blown cellulose fiber to spray foam and fiberglass. 

The immediate results of insulation improvements -- increased comfort levels, reduced noise levels and smaller energy bills -- are often dramatic.