Solar hot water is another remarkable energy saving strategy we provide for our clients.  Less ambitious than a full solar array, solar hot water can be an affordable and sensible solution for many of our clients in many circumstances.  We'll evaluate its applicability to your circumstances, price it out and install it for you

Worthmore solar array, Beverly MA; January 2017

Worthmore solar array, Beverly MA; January 2017


If you're doing some "solar searching" Worthmore can help.  Efficiency has skyrocketed and the price has plummeted of photo-voltaic panels used in both commercial and residential applications, making solar power generation an affordable and economical clean energy solution within the grasp of most business owners and home owners today.

It's no longer the wave of the future.  It's the wave of the present.   The Worthmore Group is there, ready to evaluate and install solar power generation systems for both our residential and commercial clients.

The Worthmore Group will assess your building(s) and price out options for solar power generation either on your site or through leases on off-site solar fields, depending on availability in your area, and provide a full turn-key installation of the system, including permitting, inspection, interconnection and monitoring.  Whether solar is a sensible solution for you depends on a number of factors -- building orientation, roof size, roof construction, nearby obstructions, alternate array locations.  In our free assessment, we'll be able to determine whether solar is a viable solution for you.